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Themed “Sports-Related Young Adult Literature: Society, Culture, and Politics,” this issue of Study and Scrutiny: Research on Young Adult Literature invites readers to explore the confluence of sports culture and sociopolitical issues as depicted in contemporary sports-related YAL

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MARK LEWIS, Ph.D. is associate professor of literacy education at James Madison University. Prior to entering higher education, he taught secondary school English language arts. Lewis has over 25 publications examining and critiquing representations of adolescence and youth in young adult and adult literature, defining the multifaceted literary competence of secondary students, and identifying effective ways to support linguistically diverse learners. His work has been published in Reading Research Quarterly, English EducationEnglish JournalMiddle Grades Research JournalThe ALAN Review, and Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

LUKE RODESILER, Purdue University Fort Wayne

LUKE RODESILER, Ph.D., a former secondary English teacher and coach, teaches prospective and practicing teachers in English methods, content area reading, and educational research courses. His scholarly interests include the potential for fostering critical literacies through the study of sports culture, nontraditional forms of professional development, and media literacy education. He co-edited Developing Contemporary Literacies through SportsA Guide for the English Classroom (NCTE, 2016) with Dr. Alan Brown, and his work has appeared in outlets such as English EducationEnglish JournalVoices from the MiddleLanguage ArtsTalking PointsThe ALAN Review, and Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.



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