Book Review of Chris Crowe’s More Than a Game

Sports Literature for Young Adults


  • TERRI SUICO Saint Mary's College



Chris Crowe’s More Than a Game: Sports Literature for Young Adults gives young adult sports literature the attention it deserves. Published in 2004, just three years after Michael Cart (2001) declared “a new golden age of young adult literature” (p. 96), Crowe’s work appears as part of the Scarecrow Studies in Young Adult Literature series and offers further insight into this pervasive if sometimes overlooked field of YAL.

Author Biography

TERRI SUICO, Saint Mary's College

TERRI SUICO is an associate professor of education at Saint Mary’s College. She earned her EdD from Boston University School of Education and her MAT from Vanderbilt University. Her scholarly work has been included in several books. Most recently, her chapter on using Loving Vs. Virginia to teach and contextualize the struggle for marriage equality appeared in the book Breaking the Taboo with Young Adult Literature. She currently serves as the book review and interview editor for Study and Scrutiny: Research on Young Adult Literature.


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