Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

Dr. C. Keith Harrison, University of Central Florida

Associate Editor

Dr. Eddie Comeaux, University of California-Riverside

Copy Editor

Dr. Whitney Griffin, Learning Scientist

Editorial Assistants

Danielle McArdle


Editorial Board

Dr. Lydia Bell, NCAA

Dr. Scott Brooks, University of Missouri

Dr Blair Browning, Baylor University

Dr. Scott J. Bukstein, University of Central Florida

Dr. Christina Carter, University of Tulsa

Dr. Eddie Comeaux, University of California-Riverside

Dr. Rhema Fuller, University of Memphis

Dr. Derrick Gragg, University of Tulsa

Dr. Whitney Griffin, Learning Scientist

Dr. Siduri Haslerig, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Markesha McWilliams Henderson, University of West Georgia

Dr. Victoria Jackson, Arizona State University

Dr. Willis A. Jones, University of Kentucky

Dr John Kras, Utah State University

Dr. S. Malia Lawrence, California State University - Fullerton

Dr. Brandon E. Martin

Dr. Kristina M. Navarro, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater

Dr. Larry Proctor, Grambling State University

Dr David Ridpath, Ohio University

Dr. Lisa M. Rubin, Kansas State University

Dr. Annelie Schmittel, University of Florida

Dr. Jimmy Sanderson, Clemson University

Dr. David Welch Suggs, University of Georgia

Dr. John Thelin, University of Kentucky

Dr. Derek Van Rheenen, University of California Berkeley

Dr. Kyle Waterstone, University of Southern California