I love this journal already—can't put it down!—Pauline Felicia Baird


The issue is great. Thanks for creating this publishing space.—Laura Gonzales


This is fantastic! What a terrific addition to our knowledge-making spaces.—Sara P. Alvarez


So awesome! A wonderful job to everyone involved in producing this. Gracias for continuing to create and nurture hope.—Karrieann Soto Vega


I love this issue so much! Thanks for starting this, you all!—Sharon Yam


After receiving a particularly scathing review, I found your introduction a breath of fresh air. So glad you have started WCC.—Giovanna Montenegro


I LOVE this issue!!! It’s AWESOME!!! KUDOS to you!!!—Keith Miller


I can't remember the last time I read an entire issue of ANY journal, and I happily read every piece in this issue, and would have kept going.—Paula Mathieu