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Abramowitz, Alan I. (United States)
Acock, Alan (United States)
Adkins, Randall E.
Ainsworth, Scott (United States)
Airstrup, Joseph A. (United States)
Aistrup, Joseph A. (United States)
Alexander, Robert
Allen, Josephine A.V. (United States)
Allen, Mahalley D. (United States)
Allen, Marcus
Allen, Susan H. (United States)
Almeida, Richard A. (United States)
Altschuler, Bruce E. (United States)
Amy, Douglas J. (United States)
Anderson, Beverley J. (United States)
Andrews, Christopher (United States)
Appleton, Andrew M. (United States)
Arbour, Brian K. (United States)
Ardoin, Phillip J. (United States)
Ardoin, Phillip J.
Avery, James M. (United States)


Bacot, Hunter, Institute of Government, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (United States)
Baer, Denise L. (United States)
Bahador, Babak, Media and Communication and Political Science, University of Canterbury (United States)
Bailey, Kenneth D. (United States)

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